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Mobile Adoption/Fundraiser Event Form

Thank you for your interest and offer of support for Animal Care & Control! We are grateful for your interest in raising awareness for the cats and dogs in our care. While we very much appreciate and enjoy each opportunity to participate in community events, please understand that, behind the scenes, adoption and other events involves a team of our staff and volunteers spending many hours of preparation and post-event cleaning. We consider requests based on these primary dynamics: the best outcome for pets becoming adopted; events raising valuable funds for our shelter; and staff and volunteer availability.

Things to know:

•When applicable, AC&C will bring our mobile adoption vehicle with adoptable pets dependent on weather and how many animals are in our care.
   - Please note: Between the dates of June 1 and September 30, AC&C will not be participating in any outdoor pet adoption events prior to 6:00pm due to the high temperatures and/or chance of inclement weather.
   - Events scheduled after 6:00pm are weather permitting.

• All requests will be reviewed within 10 days by AC&C. Evaluating and approval:
   - Will this event increase awareness of the AC&C missions and goals?
   - Is there potential to generate substantial contributions for AC&C programs?
   - How much AC&C staff and volunteer time and effort are expected?

• Please be aware and understanding of our need to restrict when and where our animals make appearances. The environment and conditions must be favorable for them before approval is given for their involvement.

• AC&C attendance is heavily based on staff and volunteer availability. While we always expect to keep each commitment we make, unforeseen circumstances may arise that require our attention. Therefore, we reserve the right to cancel an appearance with at least 24 hours advance notice.

Choose which one you are looking for:

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Please include: type of event, agenda, and names of any other animal organizations that are participating.

If your event is a fundraiser or donation drive for our shelter programs and does not have a specific event location, please put N/A where applicable.

Event Address

Date of Event

In "Parking Details" please include: deck or lot and any fees or validations that are required if known. Please note that our vans are very long/tall and cannot go into parking decks.

Please note that we will need access to water, grass areas, and on hot days adequate shade.

Are you able to provide any of the following?

Advertising inside your venue, on your website and social pages is required for our attendance.

If you make a flyer: please send it to our event coordinator for approval prior to promotion.

If we make a flyer: please send your logo to our event coordinator and we will send you the product for final approval.

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By clicking submit, you individually, or as a representative of the above named business or organization, agree to the above requirements and hereby fully release and agree to hold harmless AC&C and its affiliates, their Officers, Director, agents, employees and representatives/volunteers, successors and entities, together with their insurers, of and from any and all liability, claims, damages, expenses or causes of action for any reason.