City of Charlotte


600 East Fourth Street, Charlotte, NC, 28202, US


Form Section 1

Become a Resource or Neighborhood Partner

Deadline to become Resource Partner: 8/8/17

Resource Partners include agencies or organizations that help support Charlotte neighborhoods, residents or overall community improvement. 

As a Resource Partner, your organization will:

  • Host an information table featuring your services and programs
  • Actively promote the 2017 NEXLA to your stakeholders and the public
  • Participate in the event discussion groups
  • Consider ideas from the discussions for alignment or improvements to your current programs or services
  • Receive recognition on the event website and in printed material 

Neighborhood Partners include neighborhood or community associations within the Charlotte city limits.  As a neighborhood partner, your organization will:

  • Share and promote NEXLA to your residents
  • Encourage attendance by at least 3 active community residents
  • Evaluate discussion topics as opportunities for enhancement within your neighborhood
  • Consider an award nomination to recognize exceptional efforts in and around your community
  • Receive recognition on the event website and in printed material