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City of Charlotte

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Charlotte International Cabinet Matching Grant Program

The Cabinet Matching Grant Program is designed to help groups and organizations foster peace and prosperity with Charlotte’s sister cities or enhance the community’s cultural awareness of other established international relationships that have memorandums of understanding. The program provides matching grants up to $5,000 for up to 4 organizations or groups per year.

Before applying please review the full program description:

Charlotte International Cabinet Matching Grant Program

All documents needed to complete the application and additional grant program information can be found on our website

We recommend answering the questions in word then using copy/paste to enter your responses in this document.

Do you need a paper form? Do you have questions? Do you want to add multimedia or other supplemental additions to your application? If so please contact Emily Yaffe by emailing or call 704-336-2512.


Application Timeline: Application due 2/1 11:59p, Staff review & comment 2/2-2/6, Applicant Clarification period 2/6-2/10, Charlotte International Cabinet Review Committee 2/11-2/15, Charlotte International Cabinet selection of awardees 2/20, contract signing 2/20-2/27


Part 1 - General Information

1.1 Organization

Organization Address

1.2 Please provide information for the main contact for the duration of the grant project.

Main contact for grant application

1.3 Project

1.4 Project Categories

One grant will be awarded in each category. All projects should be dedicated to fostering cultural exchange and education on Sister City relationships or enhancing cultural awareness through other established international relationships with memorandums of understanding. You are permitted to submit your project under multiple categories.

  • Community wide engagement event: this would include public forums, festivals, concerts, etc. These types of projects would be entirely open to the public. These events are not required to be free of charge but entry fee should be no more than $20.
  • Hosting a visiting Sister City group: Organizations can submit a grant application for the costs of hosting a Sister City. Submission should include details of how the visiting group will be introduced to Charlotte history and culture as well as how visitors will participate in exchanges with Charlotteans.
  • Project submitted by public or not-for-profit K-12 schools: To open opportunities this category is dedicated to funding projects managed by K-12 public schools. The project awarded in this category is exempt from the matching funds requirement. This project will receive funding in installments to ease the financial burden.
  • Innovative projects: Organizations should submit in this category if the project explores creative ways to build relationships with our Sister Cities.

Project Category (select all that apply)

Part II - Detailed Information on Project Proposal

2.1 Describe the project and how it will build connections with our Sister Cities or Cities with Memorandums of Understanding (MOU)

Building Relationships: How will this project foster the objective of encouraging peace and prosperity between Charlotte and a sister city or Cities with Memorandums of Understanding?

2.2 Implementation of Project

What activities will you do? Who will benefit? What is your timeline?

Project Start Date

Date Picker

Project Completion Date

Date Picker

Link to Project Implementation Plan Template, you may also use your own format.

Upload Implementation Plan

Part III: Budget & Matching Requirements

Match Requirements – How can organizations meet their match?

Organizations are required to match awarded grant funds 1:1, meaning for every dollar granted a matching amount must be provided through one or more of the methods below. Public and not-for-profit schools are exempt from this match requirement in the schools category.


3.1 Link to project budget template


Upload Project Budget

Part IV - Program Agreement

By signing below, the Applicant acknowledges that he/she has received and read the program guidelines for the Charlotte International Cabinet Matching Grant Program. Also, if Applicant is not an individual, the Applicant has caused this application to be signed by its duly authorized representative. The Applicant assures that the above information is true and correct and agrees to comply with all City of Charlotte guidelines applicable to this program. The applicant also agrees that in the event of his/her/their breach of any condition or provision, or if any of the above information is found to be false, or whenever deemed to be in the interest of the City of Charlotte in its sole discretion, the City has the right to terminate the program agreement. The Applicant authorizes the City of Charlotte to request criminal record information about each individual or, if Applicant is an Organization, each principal of the Organization for the purpose of determining eligibility for this grant. All costs incurred by the City pursuant to these records searches will be paid by the Applicant. Applicant further understands that he/she could be called to submit, among other things, detailed cost documentation, including canceled checks and billing invoices once the project is completed. The Applicant authorizes the City to use his/her/its name, likeness, photos and/or information about the project participating in the Program for promotional purposes.


Date Picker

Date Picker