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Rescue Partner Agreement

The following stipulations and guidelines are set forth and agreed upon by the undersigned rescue partner and the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department Animal Care & Control Division (CMACC).

  1. For the purposes of G.S. 19A-23(5b), written standards for an "approved rescue organization" shall include but not be limited to: the application process; sanitation protocols; provision of daily observation of the animals; feeding and watering protocols; provision and documentation of veterinary care of the shelter's animals; provision and documentation of human and same-species daily  interaction, exercise, play and environmental enrichment for the shelter's animals in long term care at the rescue;  requirements for inspection by the shelter; and compliance by the rescue with the North Carolina Animal Welfare Act and it's rules issued pursuant thereto.

  2. CMACC agrees to designate a representative who will act as the liaison for the rescue partner’s representatives should an animal meeting the rescue partner’s standard come into the shelter.  The CMACC employee will place the rescue partner’s name on an Interested Party (IP) memo on the animal record at the rescue partner’s request (in person, by phone or email).

  3. CMACC agrees to provide to the rescue partner any information regarding the animal’s health and temperament given to CMACC by the previous owner, or as determined by the CMACC staff:
    • CMACC cannot guarantee the health or behavior of any animal.  Rescue partners indemnify and hold CMPD Animal Care & Control and the City of Charlotte free and harmless from all liability arising out of any and all claims, demands, losses, damages, action, judgment of every kind and description which may occur to or be suffered by me, members of my household, or any third parties by reason of activities arising out of this agreement.
  4. CMACC agrees to waive fees for rescue partner transfers
  5. Rescue partners may “pre-adopt” animals at no charge.  This may be completed in person or via email.  Rescue partner understands that any pre-adopted animals must complete their legal hold time at the shelter.  Rescue partner understands an owner may reclaim that animal.  If an owner reclaims the animal, the rescue partner will be notified via email or phone.  If the animal is not reclaimed, the animal will be transferred to the rescue partner once legal hold is completed.
  6. CMACC will make every effort to work with the rescue partner if they need time to make arrangements to find a foster home for the animal.  However, the rescue partner understands that CMACC may not be able to hold an animal should space, the animal’s health or any other issue take precedence.  CMACC retains the sole authority to determine the availability of any animal.
  7. The rescue partner will provide to CMACC a copy of its’ Federal 501C3 non-profit documentation from the U.S. Department of Treasury, as well as a list of designated representatives.
  8. If the rescue partner pulls an animal requiring additional medical evaluation or treatment, the rescue partner agrees to seek veterinary treatment for the animal at their own expense and will not seek reimbursement from CMACC or the City of Charlotte.
  9. Only pre-approved rescue partner members will be authorized to pull animals from CMACC.
  10. CMACC retains the authority to deny an adoption to any rescue partner at any time.  An explanation will be provided to the rescue partner.
  11. This agreement may be reviewed and/or revised at any time at the discretion of CMACC and notification of the revised policy will be sent to all rescue partner organizations.
  12. Either party may, without cause, terminate this agreement at any time.

The undersigned representative entered in this field hereby agree upon these and condition:

Code of Conduct Agreement

The purpose of this Code of Conduct agreement is to promote effective understanding and collaboration amongst CMPD Animal Care & Control (CMACC) and our Rescue Partners.  Our vision for this collaboration is to ensure a home for every healthy and treatable companion animal. 


  • We are committed to the belief that no one organization or type of organization can solve the pet overpopulation crisis on their own.  The only solution is for all rescue partners to work together.
  • We agree to hold mutual respect for one another.  We will work collectively to improve the welfare of animals in our community.
  • Confidentiality in communications, when agreed upon, should always be respected.
  • Public or social media allegations, complaints, or insults will not be tolerated.  Any concerns involving CMACC shall be directed solely to the Rescue Partner Coordinator.
  • Everyone will conduct him/herself in a responsible and professional manner and will address any issues or concerns directly with the relevant individuals and/or agencies with diplomacy, tact, respect, and direct communications. 
  • Working to help animals often invokes strong and passionate feelings and beliefs.  Disagreements can and do erupt.  The mission of this Code of Conduct agreement is to urge cooperation and collaboration among involved individuals and agencies.  We strongly urge members to avoid critical attacks between individuals or groups. 

The undersigned representative entered in this field hereby agree upon these and condition: