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Tree Canopy Preservation Program (TCPP) inquiry form

The City of Charlotte’s Tree Canopy Preservation Program (TCPP) acquires and conserves property within the City and extraterritorial jurisdiction using the Tree Ordinance Mitigation Fund. TCPP partners with other government agencies and nonprofit organizations to ensure proper stewardship of these properties and their tree canopy. 

TCPP is interested in parcels of land that are forested or partially wooded but will consider partially wooded properties with replanting opportunities. All properties should be larger than 25 acres or contiguous to existing park, nature preserve or conversation areas.

If you are interested in learning more about the program or would like to provide information about an available property, please complete the form below and your question or property information will be directed to the appropriate staff.

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Property information, including zoning, can be found on Virtual Charlotte.

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For questions about the program or tree planting, please contact Erin Oliverio at