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City of Charlotte

600 East Fourth Street, , Charlotte, NC, 28202, US



Register for NEXLA

Please submit your registration by 5 p.m. on Monday, September 9.  You may also register and nominate an organization online at

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    Neighborhood or Business Organization

    Are you the primary key contact for this organization?

    This year’s Neighborhood Exchange will feature breakout groups that will focus on topics of discussion that YOU and your fellow participants will select. (ex. parks, police relations, transit, schools). How will it work? It’s simple and easy. In the morning brainstorming session, you will be able to propose an idea or to be considered for discussion among the day’s breakout groups. If you want to get started now, please submit an idea or topic with your registration.

    Would you be interested in joining the Neighborhood Organization Contact List, a list of neighborhood leaders and residents who receive communications from the City of Charlotte.

    Neighborhood Leadership Awards Luncheon

    Will you be attending the free Neighborhood Leadership Awards luncheon (12:30—2 pm)?