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The Queen's 2017

The Queen's 2017

To better understand the topics that are important to Queen City residents, the City of Charlotte would like your feedback to help shape the content shared across its digital channels (ex., social media, blogs, video, etc.)

The sections below are categorized by the City of Charlotte’s focus areas; the five strategic areas in which city resources are allocated to improve the quality of life in Charlotte. Under each section you will find the focus area mission, a link to additional resources and an area for feedback. (NOTE: The star rating under each section is required to complete the form. Additional feedback is optional.)

Share the survey on Facebook and Twitter and use the hashtag #TakeTheReign to encourage fellow Charlotteans to invest their feedback into Charlotte’s story. 

Charlotte’s story will be unforgettable. How will we write this chapter? 


Community Safety

Charlotte will be one of America’s safest communities.

One of the highest priorities for the City of Charlotte is to create a community where residents and visitors feel safe and citizens are actively engaged in promoting safety and addressing public safety threats. 

Discover opportunities to help shape community safety in your neighborhood. 

How important is Community Safety to you?


Economic Development

Charlotte will thrive with diverse businesses and economic opportunity for all.

Charlotte's vision of economic development and prosperity will be accomplished through the success of people, places and businesses.

Learn more about the resources available to support Economic Development in Charlotte.

How important is Economic Development to you?



Charlotte will become a global leader in environmental sustainability, balancing economic growth with preserving our natural resources. 

The City of Charlotte recognizes that protecting our natural resources, promoting conservation and improving the environment is fundamentally important to quality of life and essential to maintaining a vibrant economy.

Support the city's goal in becoming a leader in sustainability and environmental stewardship.

How important is Environmental Stewardship to you?


Housing & Neighborhood Development

The City of Charlotte will sustain and create distinct and diverse neighborhoods for all its residents.  ​

The city’s long-term health and vitality are dependent on a built environment offering diverse housing options, vibrant neighborhoods and commercial corridors and safe access to public amenities.

Discover resources and additional information on Charlotte's Housing & Neighborhood Development efforts. 

How important is Housing & Neighborhood Development to you?


Transportation & Planning

Charlotte will be a vibrant, livable city where residents of all income levels have convenient transportation access to employment, services and housing choices.

Effective planning and continued transportation investments will enable Charlotte to accommodate growth, enhance quality of life and ensure the continuation of a vibrant, growing economy.

Be a part of the city's efforts to improve Charlotte's transportation options. 

How important is Transportation to you?


What are we missing?

Are there other topics we should explore more in-depth? Let us know.

Which topics should city cover more in-depth? Select up to two options. If a topic you prefer is not listed, provide detail in the comment field.

Additional Feedback

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