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City of Charlotte

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Neighborhood Board Retreat - Virtual

The City of Charlotte Housing & Neighborhood Services' (HNS) board retreats help neighborhood and business associations assess the current state of their community, identify and prioritize strategic goals, create action plans and improve quality of life in Charlotte’s neighborhoods. 

The retreat is open to all neighborhood organizations and business or merchant associations in Charlotte's city limits. In addition to current board members, participating organizations are encouraged to invite neighbors, business owners, school representatives and nonprofit partners that may help them achieve their goals. 

Neighborhood Board Retreat attendees will receive:

  • A customized Quality of Life Explorer report 
  • Networking and idea sharing with other community leaders (depending on ability to meet in-person in the future)
  • Guidance with planning yearly goals and board priorities 
  • Idea development with trained, experienced facilitators 
  • Expert support from staff and community resources 
  • A $1,500 Neighborhood Matching Grant credit incentive for eligible neighborhoods

While traditionally our retreats occur in person, for the health and safety of you, our neighbors, and our staff this will be a virtual retreat.  Each neighborhood will receive a customized, interactive retreat experience. Capacity is limited. Applicants will be considered on a first-come, first-served basis with priority given to first-time attendees. 

Steps for participation:

1. Complete the registration form.

2. The neighborhood organization or business or merchant association will be eligible for consideration once at least FIVE (5) participants from the organization are registered. For-profit businesses and non-profit organizations not formally associated with a specific neighborhood are ineligible to attend. Please list additional participant contact information in the space provided. 

3. If approved, you will receive a confirmation of approval to attend from City staff.

4. The deadline to apply for the retreat is January 24, 2022.

5. Retreats will begin at the end of February at a date and time agreed upon by the group. 

If you have questions, problems with this online form or prefer to register by phone please contact or call 980-214-9750 for assistance.

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    Which category best describes your role within your neighborhood organization or business/merchant association?

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    What do you perceive as your organization's biggest challenges? Select all that apply.

    Each neighborhood is required to have a minimum of five (5) participants for the retreat. In addition to current board members, participating organizations are encouraged to invite neighbors, business owners and nonprofit partners that may help you achieve your goals. Please provide contact information for your additional participants below.  

    If you have more than (five) 5 participants, please email that information to

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    Organization presidents and board members will be registered for Charlotte's Neighborhood Organization Contact List (NOCL). The NOCL is a subscription list used to inform community leaders about opportunities, public meetings and projects that may impact their neighborhoods. 

    Would you like to be added to the NOCL?