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City of Charlotte

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Urban Design Center Creatives Pool Application - 2022

The City of Charlotte Placemaking Program targets neighborhoods and activity centers by funding projects that create active and inviting public spaces, through activating leftover and/or underutilized public spaces, implementing enhanced streetscapes as well as demonstrating how public spaces can help transform neighborhoods by creating vibrant gathering spaces. The Charlotte Urban Design Center (UDC) manages the Placemaking Program and works with other divisions and departments within the City to integrate public art, gathering, and celebration into capital and economic development projects.

The City is accepting qualifications from local professional creatives (visual artists, performing artists, fabricators, photographers, poets, etc.), teams of creatives, and artist management businesses/organizations for potential inclusion in the Prequalified Creatives Pool (Pool). The Pool will be used to match local creatives on a rolling basis, with opportunities throughout Charlotte. Since the UDC does not have the resources to manage all the opportunities for creatives identified within for City-led projects, the Pool has expanded to include professionals with experience managing public art and performance from commission through community celebration.

Creatives selected from the Pool may be commissioned to produce original work(s) and/or contracted to collaborate with the City to provide design or management services for art elements at several specific placemaking projects. Projects will range in scale and scope, possibilities may involve: pavement surface enhancements, seating, bike racks, handrails, lighting, kinetics, wall murals, street murals, photography, live performances, etc. This call represents an opportunity for creatives and creative teams working in a diverse range of media to reach a broad audience. This request is open to creatives working in all media with demonstrated experience collaborating with architects, landscape architects, engineers, fabricators, installers, and/or community members UDC will use this prequalified list to match creatives with opportunities commensurate with skills and experience.

PLEASE NOTE: Inclusion in the Pool does not guarantee a commission. 

Existing members of the 2021 Pool can use this form to indicate their interest in continuing membership and do not need to complete it in its entirety. For existing and new members, please complete this form by March 4, 2022. Applications will be evaluated and notifications of acceptance will be sent by April 1, 2022. Please email Jacob Huffman ( with any questions.

Are you a returning member of the 2021 Creative Pool who would like to remain in the pool for 2022?

Full Name (Or Organization Name)

Please provide a presentation with an image, brief written description, and professional reference for up to five (5) projects completed within the past five (5) years. Please format your presentation with one page per project for a total of five (5) pages. Please compile and upload your work samples as one PDF.

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Please provide a resume or Curriculum Vitae (CV) demonstrating professional history and creative skillset (maximum 2 pages)

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Returning 2021 Pool members may scroll down and submit the form at this point. New applicants must complete all the fields below. New applicants please note that incomplete applications will not be reviewed.

You are applying to join the City of Charlotte's Creative Pool as a:

Are you (or your business) based in Charlotte or the surrounding area?

Do you have a significant personal or professional connection to one of the City of Charlotte's Corridors of Opportunity? (ex. your grandmother lived on Beatties Ford Rd)



Applicants not meeting the following eligibility guidelines will be withdrawn from consideration:

  • Submittal of a complete application.
  • Work samples demonstrate an ability to create dynamic site-specific artworks, and/or the ability to tie creative work to a place or community.
  • The creative’s resume demonstrates evidence of professional competence and, experience working in collaboration with architects, landscape architects, engineers, fabricators, installers, and/or community members.
  • Local creatives and creative teams will be given preference for all projects.


This solicitation process is being undertaken to enable the UDC to identify the most highly qualified creatives for several upcoming opportunities throughout Charlotte. As part of this process, applications from creatives who wish to be included in the Pool will be pre-screened by City staff for compliance with RFQ eligibility requirements.

The UDC then review all eligible applications to create a prequalified pool of creatives, creative teams, and creative management businesses/organizations. Those accepted into the Pool will be notified by the City via email.

City staff will then use the prequalified pool to make recommendations to the Placemaking Program and City departments, matching artists to specific opportunities on a project-by-project basis.

PLEASE NOTE: Inclusion in the Pool does not guarantee a commission.