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City of Charlotte

600 East Fourth Street, , Charlotte, NC, 28202, US


Aging In Place - Inquiry Form - Applications Closed

The City of Charlotte has developed the Aging in Place program to support senior homeowners who want to continue to live in their home in spite of incurring substantial tax increases due to property revaluation. Aging in Place offers grants to low-income to moderate-income senior homeowners that allow them to age in place.

Full Name

Full Address

Is this your primary residence?

Have you lived at this address for at least 5 years?

Date of Birth

Have you, or do you plan to, make any pre-payments for your 2019 property tax liability?

Do you currently have property taxes paid out of an escrow account held with your mortgage lender?

Can you provide proof of ownership for your home with a deed or title?

Are you currently participating in any of the following Mecklenburg County Tax Relief Programs? (You are not able to participate in both program simultaneously)

Do you currently owe any back property taxes? (all prior balances will need to be paid in full prior to grant award)

How did you hear about the Aging In Place program? (Select All That Apply)

Application Deadline Has Passed. We are no longer accepting pre-applications.