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Charlotte Area Transit System

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Online Speaker Sign Up Form

Thank you for your interest in addressing one of the Charlotte Area Transit System's (CATS) boards and committees. 

Please fill out this online form to register to speak during the Public Comment portion of a meeting for the following CATS boards and committees:

  • Metropolitan Transit Commission (MTC)
  • Citizens Transit Advisory Group (CTAG)
  • Transit Services Advisory Committee (TSAC)

If you have questions or require assistance, please feel free to call the  704.353.1794 or email

To view upcoming CATS board or committee meetings and agendas, please click here:


Please take a moment to read a summary of the public comment procedures at a public meeting or hearing of a CATS Board or Committee:

  • Registration: Speakers should register by 3:00 p.m. on the day of the meeting or hearing or should sign up at the beginning of the meeting or hearing.
  • Order: Speakers will be called in the order that they registered or signed up.
  • Time Limits: Each speaker will be allowed three minutes to make their comments. Speakers yielding their time to another speaker or a group spokesperson will be given a maximum of ten minutes.
  • Introduction: When called during the public comment period, a speaker should approach the podium and state their name, address, and the subject matter of their comments.
  • Topics: At a public meeting, a speaker may address items on the meeting agenda and/or may comment on any other topics. A speaker’s comments at a public hearing must relate to the issue(s) being considered at the hearing.
  • Public Hearing Notice: CATS will provide public notification of any public hearings at least ten days in advance. Speakers may sign up to provide public comments at the hearing or written comments may be submitted during the announced comment period.

To review the procedures in full, please click this link:

In order to be signed up to speak through our website, please provide the information requested on the form.  You must complete one form per meeting.



The Summary section below provides you with the opportunity to share additional information about the topic you plan to address. In a few sentences, please provide information about your topic.

Do you need an interpreter? I speak

Do you need special accommodations?  Please call 704.353.1794 to provide more information.  We request at least 48-hours advance notice.

Please click the blue "Submit" button on your right to complete your request.  Thank you.

Note: All information provided is public information and may be distributed.

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