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City of Charlotte

600 East Fourth Street, , Charlotte, NC, 28202, US


Male Cat Application

Upload proof of income or EBT card, FNS, SNAP, WIC, CHIP, Veterans Pension

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Providing proof of income is REQUIRED in order to be placed on the wait list to get your pet fixed. If you are unable to upload an attachment, you are required to email within 72 hours.

If we do not receive your proof, your application will be declined.

Full Name

Full Address

Previous Address

Owner's Birthdate

ONLY Speak Spanish?

Is this cat a feral, part of a colony, or community cat?

Pets must be between 4 months and 7 year BIRTHDAY for the Veterinarian to perform the surgery.

If your pet is PAST their 7 year birthday, you will be required to obtain surgerical blood tests from a veterinarian service. With out these tests, we will not be able to spay or neuter or pet.

Cat's breed

If both testicles have not descended into the scrotal sac your pet may require multiple incisions, additional surgery time and extended recovery time. The Veterinarian must be informed prior to surgery.

If you have an electronic version the current rabies certificate for this pet you can upload here.

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