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Charlotte Area Transit System


RFQ - CATS Bus Shelter Glass Design

Deadline: June 30, 2023

Design budget: $15,000

The City of Charlotte is continuing to provide transportation amenities throughout the region and the Charlotte Area Transit System (CATS) is seeking professional artists living and/or working in the Charlotte area to integrate art into future bus shelter glass.

Artists living and/or working in the Charlotte area are invited to submit qualifications. Artists should be accustomed to engaging with communities to ensure the art is accessible and meaningful to the public. Emerging artists are strongly encouraged to apply.

The City of Charlotte will select at least 2 artists to incorporate art into the bus stop shelters. There is no fee to apply.

Full Name

Full Address

Completed Art Projects - No more than five (5) image files (JPGs or PDFs only) of recently completed 2-D work, relevant to this project and formatted accordingly. Multiple views in a single image file are OK. File name format should be Lastname-Firstname-1.jpg, Lastname-Firstname-2.jpg, etc.

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Annotated Image Sheet - Please include title, media, dimensions, completion date, location, commissioning agency, budget for art, brief description, and corresponding image number (PDF or DOC only). *You can also include this information on each image file if that is easier.

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Resume or CV - Resume of relevant experience (up to 2 pages, PDF or DOC only).

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References - Three professional references (name, title, organization, email address, phone number).

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