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Prior to beginning the formal review process for your Housing Trust Fund Multi-Family Rental Housing Development project, you are required to have a Pre-submittal meeting.  Pre-submittal meetings give a developer and/or site designer the opportunity to have a conceptual development plan viewed by Commercial Zoning, Land Development (Engineering, Site Inspector, Urban Forestry, and Erosion Control), and Charlotte Dept. of Transportation plan reviewers.  Planning is also present for Urban-zoned conceptual meetings.  The meeting can help determine project requirements and highlight any special concerns or considerations to incorporate into the plan.  The information and comments provided by staff at this meeting are not considered binding in any form.

If you have further questions contact Land Development Customer Service at 704-336-6692.

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Is this project a subdivision?

Will this project require road frontage improvements including sidewalk, and/or curb and gutter?

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If you have a site plan available, please upload the plan to this meeting request or email the plan to Cate Marshall at, at least 5 business days before your meeting.


Upload any files that may be pertinent to the meeting. There is a 250MB limit on each file upload.

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