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City of Charlotte Land Development

600 East Fourth Street Charlotte, NC 28202


Single Family Hold Release Request

All work must be 100% complete prior to submittal of this hold release request

You may ONLY submit for one subdivision and up to five addresses per request. Address numbers and correct spelling are REQUIRED. Your request may be delayed if the street name is not spelled correctly, the house/address number is missing or the street type (i.e. Lane, Circle, Drive, Avenue, Boulevard, etc.) is incorrect.

Enter only ONE ADDRESS per block.

A different form MUST be submitted if the provided addresses are not in the same inspectors area.

Please allow at least three business days after it is recieved by the inspector for the results of the inspection.

Construction/Engineering Inspector

Need to determine who your inspector is?  Visit the Charlotte Explorer map and type in your project address. On the layer list, check the box for the Planning layers, and click the word "Planning" to expand that layer group.  Then check the box to activate the Land Development - Construction Inspectors and Land Development - Urban Forestry Inspector layers.  Zoom to your parcel location, and click on the parcel to identify the inspectors for your project. If you have further questions contact CLT Development Center Customer Service at 704-336-6692.

Contact Information

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Notes for Inspector