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City of Charlotte

600 East Fourth Street, Charlotte, NC, 28202, US


On The Table CLT with Housing & Neighborhood Services

Wednesday, October 24 - 6:00pm - 9:00pm

SMS Catering Services - 1764 Norland Road, Charlotte, NC 28205


​Charlotte is a diverse community.  While there are no quick fixes to the challenges we face, we believe progress happens when residents, organizations, neighborhoods, and government work collaboratively and creatively.

On The Table CLT will bring together over 6,500 community members in homes, parks, coffee shops, businesses, libraries, restaurants and more to exchange ideas around a single set of questions and to learn from each other's experiences. When we listen and learn from one another, we have the power to impact communities and lives.

The City of Charlotte's Housing & Neighborhood Services is one of many groups hosting an On The Table CLT event this year.  We invite you to join us for a community conversation over dinner at the SMS banquet hall on Wednesday, October 24th from 6-9pm.  Free parking, dinner & entertainment are provided.

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