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City of Charlotte

600 East Fourth Street, , Charlotte, NC, 28202, US


Public Space Permit Application

Important! Before finishing this submittal, please click on the link >here< to review additional information regarding responsibilities related to the reservation of a public space.

Full Date

What public space would you like to use? (Application only eligible for the three public spaces below)

Are you serving or selling alcoholic beverages?

If yes, have you contacted the North Carolina ABC (if Special One Time Permit is required?)

Do you plan to utilize the sidewalk or street for your event?

If yes, have you contacted CDOT to request a Special Event Permit?

Are you preparing/providing food on site?

If yes, have you contacted the Mecklenburg County Health Department?

Are you having amplified sound?

If yes, have you contacted CMPD Field Services?

Primary Contact's Full Name

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    Please check all the items that apply to your event. Provide a detailed explanation below.

    Media/Photo Release

    Photographs may be taken during events on City of Charlotte property. The City of Charlotte may use these photos in printed and electronic materials, including, but not limited to, brochures, power point presentations, website and newsletters. 

    Do you give the City of Charlotte permission to use photos/video of your events in promotional materials?

    Would you like to be added to the City of Charlotte's Placemaking Program Contact list and receive updates on public space initiatives.

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