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City of Charlotte


Document Signers
    • 1 Principal/Surety

    • 2 Witness for Principal/Surety

    • 3 Surety/Principal

    • 4 Witness for Surety/Principal


The electronic version of the City of Charlotte’s surety bond template requires the same information as the traditional surety bond template. Please note:

  • The entity completing the City of Charlotte’s surety bond template with electronic signatures will be prompted to select their role (Principal or Surety Company) in the required signatures section.

  • The entity which comples the form and provides the first electronic signature can either provide the names and associated email addresses for the other three required signatures or the name and email address for the next required signature.

  • The surety company is required to upload a document with the surety company’s seal as an attached document. If the attachment is not included, the surety bond cannot be submitted.

  • The surety bond cannot be submitted until all four required signatures are completed.

  • The surety posting fee must be paid prior to the City’s review and acceptance of the surety bond.

By continuing I agree that I am willing to complete a digital version of the document(s) and that information about my user session will be stored.
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