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City of Charlotte

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Charlotte’s Green Crown Application

The City of Charlotte celebrates eating and drinking establishments that utilizes environmentally sustainable business practices

This voluntary and free program brings awareness to establishments implementing environmentally sustainable business practices, encourage further implementation, and ultimately reduces the use of natural resources in the restaurant industry.

Participating establishments must earn at least 15 points including at least 2 points in the Waste Management category and at least one point in each of the other categories (Energy and Water Conservation, Pollution Reduction, and Commitment to the Community).  There are 57 points eligible to obtain, point amounts are shown in parenthesis. The recognition will be eligible for one year. At the end of each eligibility year, the establishment will be asked to fill out an evaluation report which recertification for the following year will be based upon . Tiers for certification are as follows:

  • One Crown: 15-20 Points Total

  • Two Crowns: 21-24 Points Total

  • Three Crowns: 25+ Points Total

Contact Name

Physical Location/Address

Establishment Category

We recognize some of the opportunities to gain points in this application revolve around food. If your establishment does not sell food, please check the box below. Your points will be recalibrated to align with those who do sell food.This establishment does not sell food.

Last Health Department Inspection Date

Do you have a grease trap?

Information on Sewer use Ordinance.

Is your grease trap in compliance with the sewer use ordinance?

Minority, Women, and Small Business Enterprises (MWSBEs) are major contributors to our state and local economies. The success of our MWSBEs is essential to providing jobs, promoting economic growth, diversifying our economy, and reaching our goals as a City.​ Charlotte Business INClusion. 

Are you a certified MWSBE?

Sustainable Practices

Please check all sustainable practices your establishment currently performs to earn points toward your Crown.  Participants must earn a total of 15 points (or more) including at least 2 points in the waste management category and at least one point in each of the other categories (Energy and Water Conservation, Pollution Reduction, and Commitment to the Community).  Two of the criteria are required but count towards your 15 points.  There are 54 remaining eligible points to obtain.  Please note: We will be collecting your responses to vendor and best practices questions below to share with other certified Green Crown establishments for educational purposes. The City of Charlotte does not endorse or approve any vendors reported by fellow Green Crown Establishments.

I agree to have my vendor names shared with other Green Crown establishments.

These 2 criteria are REQUIRED in order to be certified and count towards your 15 points:

Waste Management (pick at least 2 practices; 16 points available):

Are all employees educated on these proper recycling procedures?

Are you and your staff interested in formal recycling training?

Energy and Water Conservation (pick at least 1 practice; 14 points available):

Energy Star information:

Pollution Reduction (pick at least 1 practice; 7 points available):

Commitment to the Community (pick at least 1 practice; 17 points available):

Please attach your establishment’s logo as you would like it to be used on the website (png format)

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Please upload a picture of your establishment, preferably showcasing your sustainable practices, if possible. This will be used on the website and future social media posts. (jpeg or png format)

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If your establishment is certified as a Green Crown establishment, you commit to the following:

The program is administered by the City of Charlotte's Office of Sustainability and Resilience, who will review applications on a yearly basis. Please send any questions to Thank you for applying!