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CMPD 911 Communications

601 E. Trade Street Charlotte, NC 28202-2940

Request for 911 Recordings from Communications Division

This form is intended for the request of 911 recordings as taken for police services. If you are seeking a recording of a medical call that CMPD dispatchers transfer to Medic, you will need to make that request for recording to 704-943-6000.



If you need a call for Officers to respond to a specific location you will need to call 911 directly or the Admin Line at 704-336-3237 for out of jurisdiction callers.

Date of Request

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Full Address

I request a recording of a 911 call made to the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department based on the following information:

Date of Incident (must be within 90 days of request

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Are you the:

Note: If you are not the person or represent the person who made the 911 call, you will not be able to obtain any recorded information that identifies the 911 caller and voices will be edited in compliance with N.C. Gen. Stat. §132-1.4(c)

Is there a pending criminal charge in connection with this incident?

Is there a pending civil case in connection with this incident?