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City of Charlotte

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Minimum Housing Code Survey

We need your input! The City of Charlotte is seeking community input for the review and evaluation of the Minimum Housing Code Ordinance. Please review this list of major proposed revisions under consideration.

The Minimum Housing Code Ordinance is an ordinance that requires homeowners and landlords to maintain their homes/properties to a minimum standard. The code may also be applied to abandoned commercial structures. Violations can range from repairable situations, such as broken windows, to major structural integrity issues. For more information on the revision process, click here.

Which category best describes you and/or the industry you represent? (Select all that apply.)

Minimum Housing Code Familiarity
Very Familiar Somewhat Familiar Neutral Limited Knowledge No Knowledge
How familiar are you with the city’s Minimum Housing Code Ordinance?

Have you ever participated in a Minimum Housing Code Ordinance enforcement process?

If "YES", in what capacity?

How would you like to stay engaged with the Minimum Housing Code Ordinance review process?

For more information or to access the entire Housing Ordinance, visit Thank you for your feedback.