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City of Charlotte

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Charlotte Water - Water Wagon and man filling up a bottle of water from it

Water Wagon Booking Request Form

Thank you for your interest in booking the Charlotte Water Wagon! We look forward to the opportunity to bring tap water to your event.

Please ensure a thorough review of the booking and event requirements found on our webpage also available at the end of this document.

Upon form submission, you will receive a confirmation of receipt from Veronica Horvath ( and Charlotte Water will begin the review process.

Please allow a minimum of five business days for requests to be reviewed, approved, and confirmed.

The Water Wagon must be booked at least 30 days in advance of the requested event date.

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Is the site location appropriate based on the requirements below for weight limits or grassy areas? Yes/No

Requirements for Water Wagon event attendance

Initial under each item below to indicate you understand and agree to the booking requirements:

Event hosts must agree to the following

1. The event space must be 15 feet wide by 20 feet deep. It must accommodate an F-250 truck and Water Wagon to pull through and park. The truck may be relocated after Water Wagon is secured for the event.

2. Event space with access for one or two 15-amp electrical outlets is strongly recommended.

3. In an emergency, Charlotte Water has the authority to cancel Water Wagon participation at an event. It will be up to Charlotte Water to determine if the Water Wagon can be rescheduled for a different date.

4. If the Water Wagon is emptied at an event, it cannot be refilled to serve more water.

5. The Water Wagon cannot be delivered the day prior to an event for security and water quality purposes.

6. The Water Wagon must be always staffed by Charlotte Water employees.

7. Only a licensed, Charlotte Water employee can move/pull the Water Wagon.

8. Charlotte Water staff may take photos of the Water Wagon while in use for future use by Charlotte Water on social media.

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