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CMPD Secondary Employment

601 E. Trade Street Charlotte, NC 28202

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Secondary Employment Application

Employment Acknowledgements - New Requests

This application WILL NOT be processed unless the Acknowledgements for each section have been read and checkd by the agent of the business that is requesting CMPD officers.


Off-duty officers are subject to Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department policies. An employer has no authority over police personnel and is restricted to providing only a general assignment of duties to be performed by the officer.
Officers must confine their duties to those of a law enforcement nature; officers cannot enforce the rules and regulations of the employer that are not otherwise a violation of law.
Officers do not have the same authority over private property that the employer or the employer’s other employees have. The officer’s actions are limited ONLY to any breach of the peace or violation of law.
Officers will not regulate entry into a facility or venue; officers will not check identification and/or entry tickets, operate metal detectors or perform searches of people coming into a business or event, question persons about the validity of their presence within a business or venue, or ask persons to leave a business or venue without an employee being present that has already asked the person to leave.
Officers will not make ANY record check of any individual unless that record check is designed to uncover a violation of law.
Officers will not initiate or otherwise authorize the towing of any vehicle from private property unless that vehicle is perceived to be more likely than not stolen.
Employers are responsible for maintaining records of each officer’s hours and shall make those records available for review by CMPD representatives during business hours.
CMPD representatives will make periodic inspections of secondary employment jobs. If any job is discovered to be using officers for duties not of a law enforcement nature, the permit for that job will be suspended immediately and officers will no longer be able to be employed by that employer.
*Any deviation from the restrictions imposed above must be outlined in writing and formally approved in writing by the Secondary Employment Commander.*

Acknowledgement A


Rank Minimum Rate
Officer / Security $42.00 / hour
Officer / Traffic $42.00 / hour
Sergeant / Staff Sergeant $50.00 / hour
Lieutenant     $52.00 / hour
Captain $55.00 / hour
Major $60.00 / hour

CMPD reviews the rate annually, and the rate is based upon the average officer salary per rank. CMPD reserves the right to change any rates at any time; however, every effort will be made to ensure that CMPD gives employers advance notice of any rate change.
*Employers may compensate officers at the minimum rate or higher at the employers discretion. CMPD officers cannot negotiate rates with an employer; any rate paid to any officer that exceeds the minimum rate must be approved by the Secondary Employment Unit.

Holiday Rates may equal to one and a half the minimum secondary employment rate per rank and will take effect for those jobs / events associated with a Charlotte Department of Transportation Permit on certain holidays. The holidays in question are: 

• New Year’s Day     • Memorial Day 
• Independence Day • Thanksgiving Day
• Christmas Eve • Christmas Day
• New Year’s Eve​ • Labor Day


Acknowledgement B


The employer is responsible for paying the officers directly. The employer must specify in the application the procedure that the officer (s) should follow to receive payment, including any tax forms that must be completed. The employer agrees not to withhold payment, or require officers to sign any contracts or forms that were not submitted at the time of application.

Acknowledgement C


Employers may request that the officer bring a marked police vehicle for the job. The Secondary Employment sergeant will determine if the use of a police vehicle is appropriate for the job. There is no extra charge for the use of a police vehicle if it is approved. Even if a job is approved for a marked police vehicle it cannot be guaranteed that one will be available for use in an off duty job.

Acknowledgement D


The Secondary Employment Unit, along with the police personnel that command the Division in which the job is located, will review each application to determine the correct staffing levels; staffing levels are based upon a variety of factors, to include, but not limited to, the following: estimated attendance, the sale and/or consumption of alcoholic beverages on the premises, previous event history, physical layout of the site, traffic and/or parking issues, and general crime trends in the vicinity.
Jobs that require more than (4) officers will require a supervisor. Additional supervisors may be required for certain large jobs. A supervisor may be required for certain jobs regardless of the number of officers required for the job. Larger venues may require the employment of Police Lieutenant(s), Police Captain(s) and/or a Police Major.
In cases where the employer underestimates the attendance of an event, a supervisor may call in additional on-duty officers for the event. The employer may be billed for the on-duty officers at a rate of $50.21 / hour, the average on duty police officer cost per hour. This rate will be reviewed on an annual basis.

Acknowledgement E


Cancellations by the employer must be made at least 24 hours before the assignment begins. If the Secondary Employment sergeant receives less than 24 hour notice from the employer, and is unable to contact officers working the job, the employer will be required to pay the officers assigned to the job for three hours of pay at the minimum rate.
During business hours (Monday – Friday 8am – 4pm) contact the Secondary Employment Office at 704-336-3229. You may also notify us by email at
After business hours and on weekends contact the Watch Commanders office at 704-336-3245.
It is the responsibility of the employer to notify the Secondary Employment Office if the business or organization will be closed for a holiday or for any other purpose when off-duty officers are normally scheduled. If the employer fails to notify the Secondary Employment Office that officers are not needed that day, the three-hour minimum charge will apply.

Acknowledgement F


Secondary employment is voluntary and done on an officer’s time off from the department. Therefore, it can never be guaranteed that an off-duty assignment will be filled. The employer may request that a particular officer or officer(s) staff a job; however, whether this officer or officer(s) actually are employed at this job is at the discretion of the CMPD. When an employer asks to hire a CMPD officer, it is understood that ANY officer may in fact work the job.
Under extraordinary circumstances, off-duty officers may be activated to an on-duty status and pulled away from their off-duty assignments. The priority of CMPD officers is their full time assignment within the Police Department and any obligations, such as call-back or court, which come with their CMPD assignment.

Acknowledgement G


If an officer is scheduled to work and did not report, the employer should notify the Secondary Employment Office at 704-336-3229. After business hours or on weekends notify the Watch Commanders office at 704-336-3245. You may also notify us by e-mail at

Acknowledgement H


The Secondary Employment Sergeant will try to accommodate schedule change requests if made more than 24 hours prior to the time of the event /job.

Acknowledgement I


Officers will be compensated at the agreed upon rate for a minimum of (3) hours, even if the assignment is less than (3) hours.

Acknowledgement J


If the requested job is longer than 30 days, a job site coordinator will be found and assigned. A “job site coordinator” is any full time sworn employee who schedules, manages, and coordinates other sworn employees working a specific secondary employment site, making secondary employment opportunities available to sworn employees on an equitable basis. Job site coordinators may be paid up to three (3) hours pay per week, for administrative time related to job coordination, billed to the employer.

Acknowledgement K


    1.       Acknowledge items A through J above and complete application below.

    2.       Applications can be accepted by fax, mail, or e-mail.

    3.       Applications must be submitted no less than (5) days prior to the job.
        Fax: 704-336-6892
        Mail:     CMPD / Secondary Employment Unit
                     601 E Trade St.
                     Charlotte, NC 28202

    4.       Please explain the reason why you are requesting to hire an off-duty officer, the requested duties of the officer(s), and any other pertinent information in the narrative.

    5.       If you are hiring officers for a party or event, please provide a detailed description of the event, including the following information in the narrative:
            • Anticipated attendance
            • Band/entertainment scheduled
            • Advertising
            • Will alcohol be served
            • If applicable submit a copy of your ABC permit at the time of application.
    6.       Assistance for applications can be provided by calling the secondary employment office at (704) 336-3229, or by email at

Applications submitted without sufficient detail or the required payroll information will be rejected, and must be resubmitted with the required information.
The employer cannot retain the services of off duty CMPD officers until such time as this agreement is acknowledged by an authorized representative of the employer.

Employer Information

Company Address

ABC Permit

Job Information

Job Location/Address

Nature of Job

Job Start Date

(For single day jobs that go past Midnight, DO NOT enter an JOB END DATE but ONLY mark one day in the DAY OF THE WEEK section.)

Job End Date

Job Start Time

Job End Time

Day of the Week (if jobs go past Midnight)

Payment Information

Payment Method

Process Time for Check by Mail

Documentation Needed from Officers

Submission Information